Combi Ovens

Image Feature Capacity
  • Combi-Steamer mode with 3 modes
  • Temperature Range 30°C to 300°C
  • ClimaPlus – Humidity measurement, 5 Stage Setting regulation
  • Core Temperature Probe
  • Integrated hand shower with automatic retraction system
  • 100 Programs with up to 6 steps
  • 5 Air Speed, Programmable
  • Cooling Down for fast and reliable cooling of the cooking cabinet
  • USB Connection

Mac Self Cooking Center

Image Feature
  • Self Cooking Control with 7 cooking methods
  • Combi-steamer mode with 3 modes: Temperature range 30°C – 300°C
  • Integrated hand shower with automatic retraction system
  • Core temperature probe with 6 point measurement
  • ClimaPlus Control – humidity measured, set and regulated with 1% accuracy
  • HiDensity Control – patented distribution of the energy in the cooking cabinet
  • 350 programs with up to 12 steps
  • 3 Stage variable humidification
  • 5 Air speed, programmable
  • USB Port

Food Transport System

Image Feature
  • Save Time.
  • Reduce Waste.
  • Even temperature distribution.
  • Moisture is controlled by the use of a humidifier.
  • Minimise risk of burning by reducing handling of plates and pans.
  • Insulated heated transport unit for distribution and holding of hot food.
  • The mobile oven rack is easily pushed into the banquet master using the EOR System (Elevated Rack Oven System).