Table Top Fryers and Chip Dump

Image Feature Capacity
  • High quality grade 304 stainless steel fryer tanks, fully welded to hobs for added strength
  • Thermostatic control with fail safe top temperature cut-out maintains accurate oil temperature
  • Front mounted controls ensure safe working practice
  • Hinging element with safety cut-out provides easy access to tank for cleaning
  • Front drain taps with straight drainpipe for fast, easy drainage of oil -no drainage
  • Cool zone collects debris -this gives cleaner cooking results and prolongs life of oil which saves money

Features of Chip Dump

  • Heated from above and below to maintain even temperature of food
  • Removable 1/1 gn size chip container for ease of cleaning
  • Overhead heat lamp with user changeable bulb imparts a warm glow for attractive presentation
  • Drain plate keeps contents crisp and fresh


Electric Flat Top Griddles

Image Feature
  • 2mm thick, 40mm high integral splashguard
  • Fully-welded plates eliminate dirt traps
  • Thermostatically controlled for consistent performance
  • Large fat collection drawer, removable for easy cleaning
  • Fat drainage channel keeps surfaces free from grease
  • Solid 12mm thick machined steel plate ensures even heat distribution and excellent heat retention
  • Independently controlled dual heat zones for increased flexibility and economy during quiet periods


Hot Plates

Image Feature
  • Fully pressed and sealed hob tops for easy cleaning
  • Six-position switched control each plate
  • Automatic power reduction, (if pan boils dry or is removed -prolonging hotplate life)