Combi ovens


  • Efficient food production : The iProduction Manager plans production processes and indicates which foods are best cooked together. Streamlines processes, saves time and energy. Ultra-fast cleaning.
  • A clean unit in approx. 12 minutes, this can only be done by the iCombi Pro. Even the standard clean saves 50%* in time and cleaner. Stay clean, less downtime, more productive time.
  • Carefully designed : More fan wheels, optimized cooking cabinet shape, increased de-humidification performance all mean up to 50% larger loads and even better food quality. For even higher productivity.
  • iDensityControl : Higher performance, which saves time and money. Adding more to the flavour.
  • LED lighting with rack signaling.
  • 6-point core probe
  • Dynamic air circulation and Fresh steam generator.
  • 300 °C maximum cooking cabinet temperature.
  • Integrated hand shower with jet and spray function.
  • Triple-glazed cooking cabinet door.
  • Also, energy consumption display, new sealing technology for floor units, WiFi without external antenna.


  • Easy to use : Dial with push function, colour display, clear symbols on the user interface, so that you can work intuitively and without errors.
  • Simple programing : Individual programing with up to 100 programs, with multi-step cooking processes of up to 12 steps. For endlessly reproducible results
  • ClimaPlus : Top dehumidification performance and the ability to set humidity in 10% stages create a pre- cise cooking cabinet climate. For fast results.
  • Fan wheels : Together with the cooking cabinet shape, up to 3 fan wheels provide optimal distribution of the heat providing high energy input into the food. For uniform results and high productivity.
  • Cleaning and descaling : Automatic clean, including overnight, phosphate-free cleaner tabs and reduced consumption of detergent – it could not get cleaner than that. The care system also prevents scale.
  • LED cooking cabinet lighting : With the high light intensity and neutral light colour, the external cooking level can be identified quickly.
  • Double-glazed door with heat-reflecting coating
  • Cooling Down for fast and reliable cooling of the cooking cabinet
  • Integrated hand shower
  • Fresh steam generator
  • Also, LAN/WiFi (optional), integrated door drip tray, centrifugal grease trap