Ice Cubers and Flakers

Ice Cubers

  • ICE CUBERS: OUTPUT PER 24 HOURS: 140 – 893 KG.
  • ICE BINS: OUTPUT PER 24 HOURS: 150 – 500 KG.
  • ICE FLAKERS: OUTPUT PER 24 HOURS: 120 – 2300 KG.
Output per 24 Hours
  • 140
  • 50kg


Flake ice has a lot of uses, from the conservation and display of fresh fish to cocktail creation and its use in wellness centers. Flake ice is also used in hospitals and during the production of cured meats and bread, to chill the mix. Flake ice is appreciated for its versatility. Easy to store, place and weigh.
The flakers range comes in both self-contained models and machines to be combined with our wide range of bins. The range reaches a maximum production of 2.500 Kg per day.
Flake ice is generated through a vertical cylinder, with an internal auger which scours the ice from the internal surface of the evaporator, lifting it up to an ice breaker. The system produces uniform ice with minimum quantity of water.